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Thought for Summer 2021

Thought for Summer 2021

Frame of Reference .

The way we look at the world, our internal dialogue the sum of the persons perception at any given moment is called the frame of reference.

One way a person can ensure that the world fits their script is to selectively ignore information available to them about a situation . Without conscious intention they blank out the aspects of the situation that would contradict their script . This is called discounting. (Mellor and Sigmund 1975a)

As part of maintaining script people may sometimes get into relationship which replay the relationships they had before with their parents when they were children without conscious awareness. One partner may play part of Adult and Parent while the other acts as Child .Thus discounting some of their ego state options .A relationship like this is called symbiotic.

A content of a persons script is unique to that person. The young child decides on a life script because it represents the best strategy that the child can work out to survive and get their needs met . When the person is in their Child ego state they may still believe that any threat to their infant picture of the world is still a threat to the satisfaction of their needs or even to their survival . They may sometimes distort their perception of reality so that it fits the script. When a person does this it is called redefining (Mellor and Sigmund 1975b)

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