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Mentoring / consultation

Email a therapist with your enquiry and arrange a meeting whether it is: Face to face / Online + email / telephone / conference calls

Many counselling courses require mentoring support and evaluation. This encompasses the personal overlap between the academic / placement client work / effects on developing knowledge. Therapists on this site have a wide range of training and experience and can help you with specific issues.

Mentoring or an occasional focussed consultation is available for you, whether you are a professional counsellor, carer, clergy, social worker or student counsellor.

Kolb’s (1984) view of learning is that of a continuous process away from the exclusion of the classroom. Thus learning is seen to be the process by which knowledge is created through transformation of experience.

Mentee comment

“My mentor has shown a good knowledge of course requirements and ensured that we were able to meet these. She is well organised and has helped us structure our learning in just the right way.

Her clear and encouraging style enabled us to understand better some of the topics covered in the course itself. This was a practical application of the academic learning presented in the diploma, and this approach did much to enhance greatly our professional development.

My Mentor has guided and nudged the mentee group to a deeper exploration of the various therapeutic approaches, especially in the use of art based therapy. Letting us explore our own ideas further and has always shown a willingness to go further in our experimentation. Her experience and understanding have come in very useful and made me feel that I was being guided by someone I could trust to go along with me in order to help me open up my own learning and professional growth.” RS 06/2007

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