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Professional Supervision & Consultation:

  1. Email / telephone for supervision or consultation for those in the caring profession: counsellors, social / youth workers, clergy, GPs.
    Cost: £60 per hour.

  2. Professional Supervision & Mentoring. Face to face for supervision & mentoring or consultation for those in the caring profession: counsellors, social / youth workers, clergy, GPs.
    Cost: £70 per hour. (Book 1.5 hrs for £95)

  3. Concessions students/low income 15%
    Cost: £60per hour. (Book 1.5 hrs for £85)

  4. Organisation supporting staff supervision of their clinical work
    Cost : £75 per hour( Book 1.5 hrs for £100)

  5. Voluntary sector organisations supervision of staff clinical work
    Cost: £65 per hour. (Book 1.5 hrs for £85)

Therapists associated with this site have specialist training and experience. Supervision sessions can be booked as required. Regular supervision is best face-to-face, but it is possible to do this online / by phone / by email or a combination of these. You may use sessions as specialist consultation to act as an additional support to other types of supervision.

The first principle of supervision is that those taking part must have a shared understanding of its purpose, role and function. Kohner (1994)

The working alliance between supervisor and supervisee is based on trust, respect and goodwill. Hawkins and Shohet (2000)

The role of supervision is defined by seven generic tasks. The supervisor may be seen in the sub-role of teacher, counsellor, colleague, administrator, consultant or expert technician, and evaluator. Carroll (1996)

Supervisees’ Comments about their Experience

“My supervisor has enabled me to see my capabilities and given me new confidence when working with complex clients. It is her willingness to support and observe impartially my work through supervision that offers me something I will be for ever mindful of and that is that my supervisor has given me faith in myself and courage to believe that I am a good practitioner”

“Through my supervisor cleverly facilitating my ability to recognise the parallels between my client and I through action methods, I have been able to identify my own desire to often please and this in turn enabled me to see why I unwittingly accepted all the responsibility for this client.  When I realised what I had done and was able to understand my overwhelming sense of responsibility to the client I demonstrated how I used this awareness by readdressing the balance in the counselling relationship.  I was also able to better protect myself with this client and will be able to use this experience when working with clients in the future.”

“As a supervisee I consider I have been fortunate to be in a supervision relationship, which has fostered the idea of enabling me to work with clients effectively, safely, and as ethically as possible – I don’t think this should be underestimated. It is a situation where my strengths and weaknesses have been drawn attention to and acknowledged but not in a way that leaves me feeling ‘not OK’. Discreteness and confidentiality are adhered to rigorously but not in a way that feels restrictive. The relationship, for me as the supervisee, does reflect much of what it means to be in a sound counsellor / client working alliance.”



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Supervisee’s Comment

“It would be fair to say that my experience with counselling supervision has totally changed how I feel about the process. My supervisor has facilitated an effective relationship protecting both me and the client. Supervision has promoted autonomy and flexibility and I feel this has encouraged the development of my full potential in counselling. I feel much more confident. I now recognise supervision as an essential part of personal development, empowering counsellors for the benefit and safety of their clients.” AW 2007

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