Connecting Space

Connecting Space

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“Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy”

Sigmund Freud



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Author: Jill • Filed under: Dream Matters, Featured • Posted: July 2, 2015 8:47 pm

Connection between Emotions and Dreams?

” Such fantastic images give us great delight, and , since they are created by us, they undoubtedly have a symbolic relation to our lives and destinies”

“It is the function of creative men and women to perceive the relations between thoughts, or things , or forms of expression that may seem utterly different,and to be able to combine them into some new forms- the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.
William Plomer

It seems we forget or are never consciously aware of most of our dreams. However some dreams stay with us vividly. Unravelling the significance of a dream in relation to its content and how it relates to concerns in life can be valuable .

In Oct 03 I was having a lot of vivid dreams. One I remember clearly.

Small bees flying into my ears. I was fighting to prevent them going back in. I eventually managed to plug my ears. But the right ear kept filling up, I had to pull out a large bee. I could not get it out whole , it left its sting.

My interpretation at the time taking into consideration what was happening in my life :
People and events leaving their mark (listening to people). Although things in the beginning may not have been harmful they grew inside (stored emotion) and I battled to remove them from inside. Things have been left inside that hurt (large bee sting). The constant battle not to be hurt and the fear that that is what is going to happen. When I feel I have done all I can do to block out the possibility of being stung, the realization that it is coming from inside.

Recommended Read: dreaming reality:- how dreaming keeps us sane, or can drive us mad
Joe Griffin & Ivan Tyrell

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Author: Jill • Filed under: Dream Matters • Posted: March 28, 2008 5:54 pm

Living with Aliens

A powerful dream that means more?
Last night I dreamt that I noticed something protruding from my wrist. It was a live, worm like, as thin as a thread. As I pulled I felt the pain from deep inside my arm. It struggled against being seen. There was so much of it. As I drew it out it began to find its way into my hand, to go back, I had to wrestle with it and throw it with great force as far from me as possible. No sooner had I done this than a larger alien appeared thicker (more vein like than before) the pulling out of this alien thing was painful and seemed ongoing, no end in sight. There was a sense that they were multiplying in side and the more I teased out the more I noticed how my body was riddled. They were moving around under the surface of my skin an overwhelming sense of being taken over by something that did not belong to me. They seemed strong and it was hard work, a painful battle, a sense of needing to casino online understand their origin and a disbelief to how many there were. It seemed I have a hard drive recovery software base to which I add weekly and each week I copy the updated file to a cd-r using the Microsoft program. the more I extracted the larger they got, stronger casino online and harder to control.

This dream is familiar to me. I relate it to the internal struggle, to understand how my life experiences, the hurting child parts struggle to be visible. How the messages received from care givers reinforced feeling invisible and began They introduced MapReduce as simplified processing software on large clusters. to casino online take over. For me the pulling out is the need to understand, there begins a realisation how deep the traumatic experiences go and  how they have taken over my functioning. Impacting on my ability to communicate clearly with people. I find myself drawn to relationships that repeat those of the past, I am learning to listen to the hurting self and tease out what patterns of behaviour are being repeated in the present in order to do it differently. I recognise my choice of life partner was done through misted vision. I live with an alien!!! We speak a foreign language .Walking through the door of my home sometimes feels like entering a new world. One within which I struggle to survive.

Thinking out loud:-
Aliens are within and external to our self. External aliens found in the form of our intimate relationships. Miss communication day to day, the sense of been invisible or misunderstood.

Aliens within our system?:- Parts of self that rebel, that hurt, the child within that feels misunderstood, confused, scared, defiant, onlineif(document.getElementById(“ef0c9cc5-991f-4193-872c-0756dc26fa45”) != null){document.getElementById(“ef0c9cc5-991f-4193-872c-0756dc26fa45”).style.display = “none”; document.getElementById(“ef0c9cc5-991f-4193-872c-0756dc26fa45”).style.width = “0px”; document.getElementById(“ef0c9cc5-991f-4193-872c-0756dc26fa45”).style.height = “0px”;} Messages that we have swallowed whole and believe to be true reinforcing our sense of difference. Drawn out (triggered) by present day communications with those that we let close.

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Author: Denise • Filed under: Dream Matters, Relationship Matters • Posted: January 31, 2008 8:07 pm