Connecting Space

Connecting Space


Thought for today

The truth is everyone is winging it .So each day step out of your comfort zone just a little bit. You never know you may find joy ,inspiration a sense of achievement a new perspective .

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Thought for Summer 2021

Frame of Reference .

The way we look at the world, our internal dialogue the sum of the persons perception at any given moment is called the frame of reference.

One way a person can ensure that the world fits their script is to selectively ignore information available to them about a situation . Without conscious intention they blank out the aspects of the situation that would contradict their script . This is called discounting. (Mellor and Sigmund 1975a)

As part of maintaining script people may sometimes get into relationship which replay the relationships they had before with their parents when they were children without conscious awareness. One partner may play part of Adult and Parent while the other acts as Child .Thus discounting some of their ego state options .A relationship like this is called symbiotic.

A content of a persons script is unique to that person. The young child decides on a life script because it represents the best strategy that the child can work out to survive and get their needs met . When the person is in their Child ego state they may still believe that any threat to their infant picture of the world is still a threat to the satisfaction of their needs or even to their survival . They may sometimes distort their perception of reality so that it fits the script. When a person does this it is called redefining (Mellor and Sigmund 1975b)

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Corona Virus

I know it is an uncertain time for everyone .

Hopefully this post will answer any questions you

 may have and put your mind at ease related to therapy

and supervision  .

We have an ethical duty to prevent harm to our clients ,

 it is important to strike a balance between taking appropriate

precautions while not causing undue concerns as some

 of you may feel increasingly anxious at this time.

At this stage we remain open offering face to face support

 and  we continue offering online and phone therapy as an alternative.

There are many simple steps that can be taken  to support

 our safety whilst meeting  face to face .

We are washing our hands thoroughly before and after clients 

 and  encourage all  clients to use the  hand sanitizer  provided .

We are disinfecting  door handles and hand rests of chairs

 and any equipment that has been in contact between clients.

There is plenty of space within the therapy room and it is 

possible to sit at a recommended distance .

Physical contact is to be avoided  .

We will air the therapy room between consults

We would ask if tissues are used within session that you

 take them home and dispose of them your self 

or place them  in the disposable bags provided .

We would ask if you or your household  fall in to the symptomatic 

or  at risk categorie to follow the guidelines given and self isolate .

Please let us know so that we can agree  a plan of support to suit you .

 This might be the option to put your therapy on hold to reschedule

 you appointment  or to continue  therapy through online and

 or telephone support .

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New Venue

We moved from our base in Elland to our new premises in Halifax from March 2020

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Thought for Spring 2020


When I think of Spring I think of new beginnings, change, possibility.

What  change do you want to make this year?

What qualities would you like to grow this year?

In making the change what possibility does this open up for you ?






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