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Connecting Space

EAP Packages

Packages of support available:

- Admin and resources

-Same day response to initial contact by staff member

-Face to face, online and phone support

-Initial consult up to 1.5 hrs

-Weekly 1 hr therapy sessions

-Onward referral if required or ongoing support at the request of staff member


How it works:

1:Staff member to contact service via phone or email same day response between hrs of 8am and 8pm

2:Initial Consultation offered where possible within 48hrs of initial contact.  Ideally to take place face to face at dedicated premises ; when necessary it is possible to offer online service.  The initial consultation (up to 1.5hr) is an opportunity to do an assessment and identify the focus of work and or make an appropriate referral

3:Agreement to work made then sessions are agreed (Sessions are 1hr unless other wise specified), dates put in diary (number of sessions to be specified by Employer)

Cancellations: A cancellation must be made at least 48 hrs in advance of appointment otherwise session still counted as one of sessions on offer

4:Invoice sent direct to employer at point of agreement to work

(To be paid within 28 days)


Launching the Service

Once the main components of the service have been determined and accepted, the next phase is to launch to all employees.

An Implementation briefing for both management groups and then employees. These twenty-minute briefings detail the key components of the programme such as:

-Who can access the programme?

-What the programme can be used for.

-Number of sessions available to employees.

-Key personnel.

-Privacy and confidentiality.

-Contact details for EAP Service.


EAP awareness literature, e.g. pamphlets can be distributed during the awareness briefings phase of the programme launch.


Author: Jill • Last updated: May 17, 2019 4:48 pm