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Lily Come Home and the Flight of Terror

Lily Come Home and the Flight of Terror

lily_edited-1.png  Lily Come Home and the Flight of Terror

Yes, this is based on the childhood film about Lassie! However, Lily was seduced by a neighbourhood cat. There are several cats who lie in wait for the new dog on the block, preening themselves, making sure Lily has seen them – and then dart off! This particular morning the walk is ending and Lily isn’t on her lead. The nearby path runs parallel to a main road, busy with morning traffic. Lily is off in a split second, completely deaf to my shouts. I listen to inner bodily peace and make my down to the road. There she is strolling along on the central lines, on her way back to me. I sigh with relief that cars are slowing down and I collect her safely.

The next episode is when Lily barked warning a distant dog not to approach her – it did: a small terrier. Lily does a runner, deaf yet again to my cries. I trust my body senses and about ten minutes later I arrive home to find her strolling around waiting for me. At least I know she knows the way Home!

The learning for me is to keep desensitising her to fear triggers by using a whistle to alert her, saying “psstttt” (dog whisperer technique) when near other dogs / cats, and using the bribe of “biscuit”. “Biscuit” has worked on a number of occasions when I noticed the glint in her eye the wander lust – a throw back to her freedom days of being a Street Girl! Every time, so far, her love of food (and me) has won the day.

There are lots of things I can tell you about Lily, and how she has made such a difference to, for instance, my inner ache of loneliness. Lily is so affectionate and if she hears me upset will immediately come to me.

I would love to hear your own therapeutic relationship with your pet / or animals, birds as well as the challenges!

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Author: Kate • Filed under: Pet Matters • Posted: June 14, 2008 8:18 am


  1. It sounds as if Lily is giving you a few headaches as well as lots of love? I have had a cat for the last 7 years and she is so therapeutic. She makes me laugh every day but the best bit of all is that she will lie on my chest and go to sleep there. I have never known that sort of intimacy and it’s great! If you’ve been rejected a lot, as I was, to have an animal so accepting and intimate is a joy. When I am ill she will sleep in the same room as me rather than taking herself off on her own which I found really surprising!

  2. I am drawn into wanting to know more about the unspoken relationship between human and animal companionship and the love that can be known. Also how isolation can be lessened by the understanding that is gained through this relationship.

  3. Yes, Ferdi and Jill, I think the ‘unspoken relationship’ is the ‘accepting’ from your (my) pet…. an intimacy that is so, um, pure? I know it does depend on how we treat the animal, but there is something so special in knowing (I) am loved by an other who is different from me (certainly). I think this can also evolve in trusting human relationships where we are secure enough to be different from the other and be acceptable. What a relief to be acceptable as I am to another human being and not to have to put on a mask.
    I’ve had to leave Lily for 7 – 8 hours today whilst at chemo. I did my best to help her be comfortable – she loves being able to look out the landing window and bark like ‘I’m the king of the castle’, as well as hunting round for treats. Arriving home she knows she has been ‘naughty’: has torn up one of my letters put thru the door by the postman, but we soon overcome that and enjoy our evening meal (not on the same plate!) and walk together. Lovely uncluttered companionship.

  4. June 23, 2008 6:33 pm

    Ferdi says:

    Jill – that makes me think of when my cat and I look deep into each other’s eyes. There is a love and trust that obviously cannot be spoken but is so real. When language is taken out of the equation there are no possibilities of misunderstandings! As Kate said – uncluttered is the word!

  5. February 20, 2010 3:12 am

    Hwa Ryon says:

    I stumbled onto your blog and read a few post. I like your style of writing.

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