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Two Mixed Abilities Dance Poems

Two Mixed Abilities Dance Poems

 A Dancing Dream Janet smiles and lumbers forward. Cheryl downstairs usually walks steps forth, body straight, and stomps loudly. Janet leans right, left. We follow simultaneously. Arms and feet stay,remain forward. Drum beats fill the dance room. Cheryl sometimes listens to loud music or radio sermons. Her front apartment door shuts loudly. I awake ignoring neighbor’s loud music and footsteps. Footsteps and Janet’s wheelchair were in my dance dream. Later I was weeding, cutting, sweeping,I was dancing outside with rake and broom.Nicole Taylor May 17, 2006

Little Dramas (A Dance Ability tribute) Walking by the practice,I was intrigued. Three women,One man.dressed simply in black.Two physically disabled students. Two begged me to stay and watch the tribute to a retiring teacher. Four friends danceinto our sight.They stand as if waiting for a bus to drive into our hallway. They lean and support each other up,posing head on shoulders and assisted by cane or chair. The friends sit and wait on bench.Each takes a turn to stand, stretch, and dance. They flutter and flitter into beautiful butterflies. A long, blue cloth flows into a cool,refreshing stream. It bathes and showers them.It gives stones for skipping or walking the causeway. Larger groups gather.Curious eyes sparkle.The retiree arrives.She sits front and center. Our man Jerry pays tribute snaking along the floor with striking cane and romantic song. Nicole TaylorDecember 2003

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Author: nicole • Filed under: Narrative Matters, Poetry Matters • Posted: May 18, 2009 7:31 pm


  1. May 19, 2009 6:07 am

    nicole says:

    Enjoy. This is unedited. I wrote it with several short stanzas. – Nicole

  2. Hi Nicole – you write as though you are painting a picture. I like that movement and freedom.
    Can you tell us more about your life – are you disabled?

    I’m registered disabled now, although I can still walk around. Cancer is something I’m still learning about. It brings priviledges and care, but it is like trying on new clothes and seeing how I look. is this me?


  3. I have family and friends in Yorkshire.
    I may be learning disabled and volunteer locally.
    I am a poet and artist and display with disabled people.
    I am in a small traveling dance group at junior college in Salem, Oregon.
    I can walk and bike but some friends can not.
    I don’t know much about cancer.

  4. April 15, 2010 5:47 pm

    Atlase Personala says:

    One of my friends already told me about this place and I do not regret that I found this article.

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