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Thought for the month of September

Thought for the month of September

Ask What If?

Too often we accept things the way they are.

That famous saying ‘if you always do what you always did you will always get what you all ways got.’

To realise our full potential  we need to update the strategies for dealing with life which we decided upon as infants.  When we find that these strategies are no longer working for us, we need to replace them with new ones which do work.

So when you reach an impasse  take a new approach.

( TA Today pg7)

We cannot be made to feel or behave in particular ways by others, or by the environment.  Other people in our lives, or our life circumstances, may exert strong pressures on us.  But is always our decision whether to conform to these pressures.  We are responsible for our own feelings and behaviour.

Any time we make a decision, we can change that decision later. This is true of early decisions that we make about ourselves and the world. If some of these infant decisions are producing uncomfortable results for us as grown-ups, we can trace the decisions and change them for new more appropriate decisions. Thus people can change. We achieve change not merely by insight into our old patterns of behaviour, but by actively deciding to change those patterns. The changes we make can be real and lasting.’

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