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Thought for 2013

Thought for 2013

NEW YEAR seems to challenge people to reflect on what is and  consider what they want for their future and what changes they want to make to promote happiness and well-being.

What resources do you need ?  What resources do you have available to you?

We tend to focus only on our weaknesses, but we all have enormous reserves of resources,
often only used at certain times, for example in one situation such
as work, or at times of family crises.  But if you have those
strengths and resources at those times, then you have them
available to you at any time – you just need to remind yourself
that those resources are there in order to access them.


It has been said that happiness equals reality divided by
expectations.  If our reality is lower than how we expect life to
be, then we’re likely to feel unhappy or discontent.

This formula therefore suggests that our reality needs to be
equally balanced with our expectations.  The more we can
get them in balance, then the happier, more content,
accepting or peaceful, we are likely to be. 

Therefore, in order to make positive change, we can choose
to improve our reality, and/or lower our expectations.

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Author: Jill • Filed under: Featured, Health Matters • Posted: January 16, 2013 7:49 pm


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