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Thought for March 2013

Thought for March 2013


What a difference a year makes .

Rosa physically  fully grown at a year old, familiar with her surroundings ,intuitive , playful and curious; yet still dependent on us for her survival.

Her strategies for life still being formulated and considered as she monitors her surroundings and decides on her best survival strategy.

Play is  a big part of her day , learning how to relate to others ,  to know when to submit  when to re-treat and when to  stand up to others .  Responding to commands that she has realised mean a treat is forthcoming or that incites her to  stop what she is doing  as  to continue may have a consequence that is less than pleasing .


I am reminded of TA ( Transactional Analysis) PAC model and the child ego state :

Our Child ego state can be compliant and well-mannered or
rebellious and badly behaved.  In TA terms both of these would be
classed as “Adapted Child” (AC) as in both situations we are adapting
to the environment around us, either positively or negatively.  The
other way the Child ego state functions in is called “Free
Child”(FC).  The Free Child likes to run barefoot on a sun drenched
beach, play and laugh with those nearby, cry when sad, shout when
angry.  The free Child is not restricted by what others think.

There are entire books written about ego states, various models and
theories about how they work or even if they exist at all so if it is a
subject you are interested in .   TA today by Stuart and Joines  would be a good place to start.

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