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Thought for January 2016

Thought for January 2016

A lot can happen in a year. As you reflect on 2015 . What have you decided to change in your life moving forward? What is on your Wish List?

“imagination is more important than knowledge” Albert Einstein

Imagery techniques and visualisation has long been used by most if not all cultures of the world, ancient and modern, and by most therapeutic approaches. Imagery is considered to be more effective when we are feeling relaxed. Imagery is used as a means to relax meditate improve future personal performance and development bring about future success gain confidence improve mood states reduce distress associated with traumatic memories gain understanding, insight, inner wisdom help overcome physical illnesses improve sports performance There is a growing body of evidence to support its use in a wide variety of physical conditions, and increasing evidence of its effectiveness in mental health (e.g. Gilbert & Irons 2004, Holmes, Arntz, Smucker 2007, Holmes, Crane, Fennell, Williams 2007, Stopa 2009). Imagery techniques are most often used as an integral part of a more comprehensive package of therapy.

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