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Connecting Space

Connecting Space Journals – Online Therapeutic Community

Connecting Space Journals – Online Therapeutic Community

Connecting Space Journals – Online Therapeutic Community

Regular Summary One – May 08

Hello to all of you who are interested in subscribing to our no fee Connecting-Space Journals. We hope you will find this site a safe enough space to excavate new depths in yourself and in relationship with others. Our hope is for this to become an online Therapeutic Community. We expect to publish regular summaries giving an overview of activity on the site, so that you can estimate whether this site is for you. Guest Passes are available if you wish to view site prior to becoming a member: please email

This is the Registration hyperlink off the main web site. All are reminded that this process is semi-automated and requires an invitation code to be allowed on to the journal part of the site. If you already have a user name and password this link takes you to the Logon Screen and the part of the site where you can put up a post, or an image.

Connecting Space is an ‘organic’ website structured in such a way that a person has the opportunity to explore their hopes and fears with others. The posts are given character with the use of images which describe the writing. So far the site is being tested by a small numbers of subscribers. Just like a seed grows slowly and requires time to germinate, so we are allowing the site to show itself as we work together with our own particular insights and gifts. We welcome your positive feedback and contributions to the site.

There are different categories that can ‘contain’ various themed posts, together with contributions. The ‘MattersTitles’ are also links to that part of the site that grabs your interest; they of course will not work without you being logged in.

Art Mattersdepicting Life events

  • Chemo Patience! A file of 20+ live drawings done whilst awaiting chemo.

Dream Mattersopportunity to talk about dreams, impact and meaning …

  • Living with Aliens! – A dream described and reflected upon
  • Connections between emotions and dreams – vital for mental health

Health Mattershealth issues that affect you …

A Journal of my Journey through Chemo (a selection from 17 titles)

  • Facing up to what is
  • Awareness of Choice
  • Learning not to be afraid of Fear
  • Falling in Love?

Narrative Mattersthe story of our lives …

  • Quilt of Holes
  • Unravelling the ‘Shoulds and Oughts’

Newspersonal or public…

  • Side effects of chemo
  • Police in child sex ring inquiry

Poetry Matterspoems with comments that move you

  • Anger
  • Dancing with God
  • Silence
  • Expression of Self

Relationship Mattersexamining our relationships

  • Living with Aliens
  • Frog speaks out

Technical Matterssite questions, feedback

  • Uploading Images

Therapy Mattersfinding your voice…

  • The girl with a hole

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Author: Kate • Filed under: News • Posted: April 22, 2008 7:49 pm


  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Yahoo News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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